We are Energy Ambition, committed to enhancing the environment for a sustainable future.

Leading the Way to Sustainability in Southeastern Europe

We empower organizations to achieve their most ambitious climate action objectives. Since our establishment, we’ve presented ourselves as a trusted partner for impactful climate initiatives that yield Guarantee of Origin certificates, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and Energy Efficiency certificates.

Who are we:

Our core business directive revolves around the procurement of Guarantee of Origin certificates from local green energy producers

Company Energy Ambition Ltd. serves businesses on Balkans. Our impact extends across various regions and industries, focusing on the green transition in the European Union.

What we offer

Green Energy Certificates

All green power generators can obtain certificates for their electricity production. These certificates, known as “Guarantees of Origin”, can be transferred to consumers who wish to demonstrate their commitment to producing environmentally friendly products and supporting the transition to a greener, more sustainable environmental production.

Our Offers

Are you looking to maximize the potential of your guarantee of origin and significantly boost their selling price? Look no further than our innovative FORWARD deals!


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), is a contractual arrangement between a renewable energy producer and a customer, wherein the customer commits to buying a specified quantity of environmentally-friendly electricity for a predetermined duration.

Why to sell GOs:

Taking your Guarantee of origin from the electricity purchasing company can provide you with extra money to reinvest and further develop your investment plan.

If the producer of green energy successfully negotiates to receive their Guaranteed of Origin from the electricity purchasing company, they have the potential to generate an additional income of more than 2 € per megawatt. Our clients manage to increase their revenue from the production of one megawatt by up to 5% by selling their certificates of origin.

Why work with Energy Ambition:

The company endorse green policies and regulatory frameworks in the European Union

Our company is dedicated to assisting local Bulgarian producers in securing improved prices for Guarantees of Origin within the European market. We achieve this by consolidating various production certificates and aggregating volumes, resulting in enhanced pricing and supplementary income for small-scale green energy producers

The world needs to act quickly to address environmental issues

Many groups, from governments to businesses, are working on this. We play a role in speeding up the process. We help make sure that green products are available and affordable because we set prices and direct money where it’s needed.

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*** Certificates purchased to demonstrate renewable energy consumption for voluntary or marketing reasons. Examples: GoOs