Energy Ambition is the first Bulgarian company specializing entirely in trading Guarantees of Origin produced from renewable sources

Our mission is to assist Bulgarian green energy producers in selling their guarantees of origin at the highest possible prices in the European markets. The company specializes in transactions with international partners and aims to provide a full range of services to green energy producers in Bulgaria and the region.

We are Energy Ambition, dedicated to making the environment better.

Our focus is on reducing carbon emissions from energy. We trade in ways that support this goal.

Our job is to provide money to projects that help the environment. We trade things that are good for the environment and help connect people in the green industry. To make the world eco-friendlier, we need to fund many green projects, and this is where we come in.

We help navigate the complicated world of environmental rules. Our work assists governments and companies in reaching their green goals.

We are leaders in the business of trading guarantee of origin that help the environment.

The world needs to act quickly to address environmental issues. Many groups, from governments to businesses, are working on this. We play a role in speeding up the process. We help make sure that green products are available and affordable because we set prices and direct money where it’s needed.

We love to explore new opportunities and find new ways to help the environment. We work within the rules but aim to make green investments more reliable, even in new markets.

Our job isn’t ordinary. It’s for those who enjoy challenges and want to make a big difference. Goals change, but we’re good at connecting the dots and getting things done faster and smarter than others.